Tuesday, 1 November 2011

How to create a LOGO for you

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Logos are very important marketing strategy of any brand or website. The Logo represents the symbol of the brand. Creating an attractive logo plays an important role in the reach of the brand. Here are simple steps to create a good looking Logo from internet.

Step 1:
There are many services which offers to create free logo online. One of them is http://www.onlinelogomaker.com/. This is easy to create and format.

Step 2:
Click on 'Start online Logo maker' button and a new tab will open. The screen will look like this
Select and erase the existing logos.

Step 3:
Now the 'Working Panel' should be empty. From above select 'Insert Object' and your screen should look like this:

Choose the design you like. the colour can be edited later. After pressing 'OK' the design you choose should appear on the 'working panel'. You can also choose many designs and place them as you want in the working panel

Step 4:
To add text, click on 'Add text' from above and enter the text you need. And place the text at the exact position where you need. Everything can be moved by selecting from the left panel and by arrow keys or 'Modify object' option at the bottom

Step 5:
After you place your logo should look plain like this.

Now to add colour, select the object and from the 'Symbol colour' from the bottom, choose the colour you like for each object individually.

Step 6:
To save the Logo, select download logo fro the upper panel.

And a screen will appear with Height and Width specifications. Just press OK, and select target to save your logo.

The LOGO that I created:

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Friday, 28 October 2011

What makes i-phone so popular?

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i-phone is named as the ‘world’s favorite phone of all time’. What makes it so popular? Have you ever thought? Here are the reasons why i-phone is has a better reach when compared to the other mobile phones.

Brand- The brand name plays a vital role in the marketing of the product. Apple has a good name among the people and so people trusts the phone back. If the customers are satisfied with the phone, it leads to the sales of the other apple products like i-pad, i-pod also. And more over now a days, owning a good phone with all the latest technology has become a fashion.

Stability- i-phone is much more stable when compared to other phones. It has a minimum processing time and we can run more applications at a time. The physical stability is also good. The phone can be carelessly handled and it can withstand stress and strain upto a point. Also the battery lasts long and gives a large talk time.

Connectivity- The connectivity features of the phone is amazing. Wi-fi, Bluetooth, and all other connectivity are good. Files can be transferred back and forth easily. It almost never fails when it is within the wi-fi connectivity range.

OS- The look on the screen is attractive. Users like each and every bit of it’s OS. Right from the live wall paper, till the customization of the phone, all the features are so good and is easily adaptable by the user. The ‘user friendly’ OS is a major plus point of the phone.

Looks- It comes in many different colors like black and white, which are very attractive. When you hold a i-phone in your hands, it will look distinct and other people will tend to notice it.

Great customer support- Apple offers a good backstage team which provides satisfactory after sales service of the phone. All apple phones cover one year of universal warranty for the phone and six months for the battery. If the phone is found defective within the warranty period, the phone can be exchanged with great ease.

Media storage- Media files such as photos, videos, music can be effectively organized inside the phone. Videos and music can be played with great clarity and users enjoy listening to music on i-phone.

Online app store- all time updated online app store is another great benefit. Users can download the latest gadgets for the online app store and stay with the latest technology at all the times.

Gaming- The phone has a great touch sensitivity and accelerometer, which provides a great gaming experience for the users. There are many people whom I know use i-phones just addicted just to the gaming.


Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Adsense alternative

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Google Adsense quite a lot of times fail on many blogs. In that case, bloggers feel very dejected and this becomes on of the reasons for them to stop blogging. Let me remind you that Google Adsense in one of the very strict and they very easily sense the invalid click activity and disable the account very soon. In fact I have got a couple of Adsense accounts disabled for 'potential risk' where I dint even serve ads fro more than 24 hours. I got really pissed off and started searching for Adsense alternative.

I have tried more than 4 alternatives and the best alternative that I found was Clicksor. The site is www.clicksor.com. This is very useful service where the minimum payout is $50 and payout can be taken once in every 15 days using direct check or PayPal or wired transfer.

There are 4 types of ads available there and the earnings is calculated by 4 types CPC,CPM,CPV,CPI.

PPV Full Page Popunders/Layer Pop Ads
It pops behind the browser of a user when they visit your website. You will be paid by the amount of views you get for a popunder, visitors do not have to click on the ads for you to earn. Plus, with layer pop ads, any popunders that are blocked will show up as a full page layer ad. We recommend that you set a frequency cap of 24 hours for popunders. Some publishers make up to $240 - $350 a day.
Avg Payout Rate ----- > $0.0024 - $0.0035 per 1000 impressions
Great for Entertainment / Video / Music / MP3 / Torrent / Movie Sites

PPC Layer Ad Banners
Layer ad banners generate revenues when a user clicks on your ads. We recommend that you try our 250x300 pixel graphical banners for high click through rates.
Avg Payout Rate -----> $0.03 - $0.05 per click
Great for All General Categories / Health / Fitness / Biz Op / Wellness / Education Sites

CPI Interstitial Ads (Highest Paying Ad)
A high quality and media rich ad that goes in between when a user visits from one page to another on your website. It is generally rich in graphics/video, generating a lot of attention and views. Like popunders, you will get paid when the ad is displayed, users don’t have to click on the ad for you to earn.
Avg Payout Rate ------>$0.005 - $0.007 per 1000 interstitial ads
Great for Video/ Movies/ Music/ Torrent/ Ringtones/ All General Entertainment Sites.

Hope you try this adsense and get maximum benefited out of this !


Tuesday, 25 October 2011

How to create a Blog using blogger

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And off we go ! Now that you have decided to be an author of a blog, building a blog in it's initial stages does not get too many hits. I have seen many bloggers who start blogging and quit very soon as soon as they do not get much hits. So in building a successful blog, you need to do the initial steps like picking up the name and URL very carefully so that they are impressive. Here are quick steps to build a blog using blogspot

Step 1:
Goto www.blogspot.com and sign in using your google account. Incase if you dont have a google account create a google account using this link.

Step 2:

  • Select a title for your blog. This will appear on the top of your blog and this will be displayed on the tab when your blog is opened.
  • Enter the URL and click on check availability. If it is not available, it will recommend few options.
  • Enter the verification character and press continue.
Step 3:

  • In the next screen you will have to choose the style in which your blog appears.
  • There are over 200 templates which blogger has. User can customize and change the look anytime they want.
  • Choose a template and click next. On the next Screen hit on 'Start Blogging'
Tabs on the Blogger
  • Stats tab is used to display up to the minute information of the user who visits your blog including Country  Browser and OS.
  • Monetise can be used to integrate your blog with adsense or Amazon deals to display advertisements on your blog and earn few money.
  • Design tab is used to change the way that your blog looks. Anytime the user can click on this tab to customize, add or remove items from side bar and to edit the template of the blog.
  • Settings tab is used to change the primary settings of the blog.
  • Comments tab is used to see, moderate and delete the comments that the user leaves on your page.
  • Posting is used to create, edit and delete the posts which appear on the blog. Also stand alone pages can be added using this tab

Monday, 24 October 2011

Samsung Galaxy Nexus - Best Phone yet?

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Samsung Galaxy Nexus is a phone by google, which has two cameras, one on the back with 5 MP and one in front for 3G calling with 1.3 MP. The phone runs on an android OS and has a 16 GB on internal memory. It has a very wide screen with a very sensitive capacitive touch and accelometer. The camera on the back side has a xenon flash and a very wide screen.

Plus points: 
  • Very wide screen
  • Great gaming experience
  • One touch games and gadgets download from app store
  • Connects to all social sites when ever there is a network available
  • Cool live wall paper
  • Long battery durability
  • One year international warranty
  • Sleek body finish
  • All Google services can be accessed easily
  • Cannot zoom while the camera is on
  • Wireless connectivity at times do not connect properly
  • Some people feel that it is too costly and waiting for drop of it's price

But whatever, the phone is too cool and it steels other's attention towards it at all the times. Here is what google have to say about this phone www.google.com/nexus.

Price of the phone in India - Rs. 26599 

I have tried to write whatever I noticed about the phone. If you have a different view, post a comment!

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Velayudham Vs 7am arivu

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The speculations this Diwali are increasing towards the release of two huge budget movies in the tamil cinemas. One is the Velayudham by actor Vijay and the other 7am arivu by Suriya. Bothe the films are eagerly awaited by the fans for a long time.

Actor Vijay’s last film Kaavalan was a moderate hit and he have been struggling to give a mega hit film for the past one year. The audio of Velayudham released a month ago had a moderate reach when compared to 7am arivu’s music reach towards the audience.

7am arivu is said to be a science fiction and the shoot for the film is done in China and India. The stills exhibit glamour and this is veteran actor Kamalahasan’s daughter Sruthihasan’s first tamil film as a heroine. Suriya is said to be doing a dual role including that of a Buddhist monk from China. It is to be noted that Suriya acted in Ghazini directed by A R Murugados was a megahit blockbuster movie.

Velayudham’s stills show Vijay in costumes of ‘Prince of Persia’ has a good response among his fans. The movie has two heroines Genilia Dsouza and Hansika. The major parts of the film have been shooted in Kerela and fans hope that Vijay rock the floor off this time.

Facebook polls reveal that 7am arivu trailer is liked by the fans better than the Velayudham’s. Whichever film becomes a massive hit this season, it is sure that people can have fun watching movies this Diwali.

The other films releasing this Diwali are Ra-one by SRK, Osthi by STR and Mayakam enna by Danush.

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Best Blogging Platforms

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Here are some of the best blogging platforms available. I have personally used all the all of it and I have expressed my views. Blogging came into existence after rapid revolution of computers around 2000. This is one of the major field and blogging is most popular among the students now a days. I have highlighted some of the points of all the blogging services.

Blogger is a blogging service by Google. The advantage of using blogger is that is has a wide variety of templates from which the user can select. Customization and inserting wedges are very easy. Another advantage is that since blogspot is a service by Google, google search engine will find your blog easily and will return it as a result for many searches. Also the stats provided by blogger are very accurate and up to the minute. You can very easily integrate your blog with google adsense and earn quite a few money. The user finds it very easy to create, edit and publish posts in this platform than others. But most of the good names for the blog URL are already taken by others. so the user finds it very difficult to get a good relevant names for their blog.

Wordpress is another good blogging platform. For beginners I would not say this is a best way to start their blogging journey. But if you ask any experienced blogger which is the best blogging service, they would definitely vote for wordpress. In this multiple user can me the primary administrator of a single blog where all can post and use at the same time. Finding tips and tricks for a wordpress blog is never an easy effort but.

Tumblr is often called as a micro blog. This should be preferred by bloggers who post contents which small in size many times a day. Posting pictures in tumblr is very simple. This is more focused on media tools like video & pictures. Customization and maintaining is very hard. Also there is only a limited number of themes available. Read why choose tumblr to get an idea about this service.

Posterous is a e-mail based blog. To publish a post you will have to send a mail to a designated e-mail id which will be allocated for your blog. The amount of time that you will need to set up the blog will be very vast. But once you have set up the blog it is very easy to post without even logging into this website. But user won’t get precise information of who has visited the blog every now and then. User can create multiple pages for sharing their content with different people using the same account.


Thursday, 20 October 2011

How to celebrate a Happy & Eco-friendly Diwali

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Diwali is one festival that is celebrated by people of all religions in India. But we have to bear in mind that Diwali is ‘festival of lights’ and not ‘festival of noise’. There is a growing craze for the fireworks every year and many people are not aware of the harmful effects of the fire crackers. It releases not only smoke which is harmful to the environment but also produces loud noise, which causes noise pollution in the surroundings and they are prone to accidents too. Here are few ways in which eco-friendly Diwali can be celebrated.

Spread the love - not the pollution:
The price of fire crackers are shooting up every year. People spend thousands of rupees on fire crackers and this money gets destroyed in fire. If we wish we can use this money to give happiness to needy people and smile to their children’s face. Some money can be spent to give food to beggars, at least to watch them eat good food on auspicious day. The happiness yield out of this kind of charity is much more worth than the happiness we get out of watching the fireworks burning for few seconds.
“Spread Love and Harmony instead of pollution”
A family get-together:
Instead of bursting crackers, we can meet our relatives, whom we do not get time to meet in daily life, get some gifts for children, everyone can wear new dress, make lots of sweets and food and have it together with family and friends, and in the evening we can light lamps made out of oil and thread. Lighting lamps made up of candle will cause harmful effects on the environment.

Government should extend a hand:
Our country is democratic and very big. There are lots of people with different ideas. It is almost impossible to stop everyone at a time. Government should enforce few rules like:
  • No bursting crackers in hospital surroundings
  • By ensuring crackers are burst within the time limit like 6AM to 8PM
  • Not allowing unauthorized shops to sell fireworks
  • By ensuring the sound limit of crackers are within permissible limits

Not only government for this issue. Even people who have taken oath not to burn crackers can educate others about the ill effects of burning crackers and even one person not bursting will surely make a change.

Another alternative:
And if a group of people still want to burst crackers, may be this could be followed. We can have a crackers show for 2 hours in a common place where people can see and enjoy the crackers, instead of each doing at their home in a small way and making the whole city dusty with paper if in a common place 
  • The sound will be only for a particular time
  • The paper dust will be only in one place
  • The cost of divali celebrations can be reduced
  • No neighbors envy
  • Only a little of air and sound pollution
  • Can be had in a place far from hospitals
  • Safe measures can be ensured in that place
  • Monitoring of the safety of the people is easy
  • Enjoyment can be shared by all at the same place
  • A get-together is easy

And for others who are determined to burst crackers:
Keep in mind that:
  • Store ur fire works in a safe place away from where you burst.
  • Pets hate bangs. So leave them in a comfortable environment.
  • Watch what you wear. Do not wear loose dress
  • Don’t booze and burst

General Do’s and Don’s
  • Use fireworks only outdoor.
  • Buy fireworks of authorized/reputed manufacturers only.
  • Light only one firework at a time, by one person. Others should watch from a safe distance.
  • Keep the fireworks to be used at a safer place.
  • Organize a community display of fireworks rather than individuals handling crackers.
  • Always use a long candle/'phooljhari' for igniting fire crackers and keep elbow joint straight to increase the distance between the body and the crackers.
  • Keep two buckets of water handy. In the event of fire, extinguish flame by pouring water from the buckets. Every major fire is small when it starts.
  • In case of burns, pour large quantity of water on the burnt area.
  • In case of major burns, after extinguishing the fire, remove all smoldering clothes. Wrap the victim in a clean bedsheet.
  • The patient should be taken to a burns specialist or a major hospital. Don't panicky.
  • In case of eye burns, wash the eye with tap water for 10 minutes and take the victim to a hospital.

Don't s 

  • Don't ignite fireworks while holding them.
  • Don't bend over the fireworks being ignited.
  • Don't ignite fireworks in any container.
  • Don't approach immediately to the misfired fireworks.
  • Don't tamper with misfired fireworks.
  • Don't attempt to make fireworks at home.
  • Don't allow small children to handle fireworks.
  • Don't throw or point fireworks at other people.
  • Don't carry fireworks in the pocket.
  • Don't store firecrackers near burning candles and diyas.
  • Don't light firecrackers in narrow by lanes; preferably use open areas and parks.
  • Don't wear synthetic clothing; preferably wear thick cotton clothing.
  • Don't wear loosely hanging clothes; secure all clothes properly.
  • Don't apply any cream or ointment or oil on burnt area.
  • Don't drive recklessly while taking a burn victim to the hospital; a delay of up to one hour is immaterial.
Happy and prosperous Diwali :) Lets us join hands towards a Greener Earth

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

What is a blog?

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According to Wikipedia, blog is defined as “A blog (a blend of the term web log) is a type of website or part of a website. Blogs are usually maintained by an individual with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or video. Entries are commonly displayed in reverse-chronological order. Blog can also be used as a verb, meaning to maintain or add content to a blog.” A blog can be created by an individual person or a group of people or a company to display their contents or thought on the internet.

A blog is also a best alternative for a website. People who do business on a small scale and do not have money to start and maintain a huge website will prefer blog over a website because blogs are easy to load and there are a million templates available to make their blog look impressive on the first go.

A blog is interactive in many ways. The readers can subscribe the posts of the blog, follow it, comment on the posts of the blog and have lots of fun in a blog. Now a days there are lots of blogging competition which makes blogging even more fun. The author may also share media files like YouTube videos, audio files and lots more on their blogs. In short a blog may be a way in which u can share your thoughts, or it may serve as your online diary, or it may be a medium through which one shares his life experience, or one may give reviews about films and TV shows. A blog serves in a million purposes. Even blog can help you earn some money online.

Why go for a blog?
  • Easy for personal use
  • Looks good with a perfect template
  • Almost costs nothing
  • Easy to post and maintain
  • Readers from different parts will fall into your blog easily
  • Loads almost in every part of the world
  • And after few days you will start loving your own blog

Monday, 17 October 2011

Is this Blog going to be a Hit or a Miss?

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Hey all :) 

This is not my first blog. I have written and maintained more than 6 blogs and got bored of it and I had quit blogging for some time. But now I realized that I am kinda addicted to blogging and I have decided that this is going to be my last blog. So only I have named this blog as ‘Hit and Misses’ because if this becomes a hit, I will continue blogging or else I will quit.

Hmmm. Next thing I was thinking about was on what topic to write about. My first blog is Live Green Life, which aims at making the world greener. But soon after I started writing that blog towards the conversation of the mother earth, I realized that the people of this world cannot be taught to live a greener life. So I left that blog and my second blog is ~Recapture~. Here I started with writing the experiences of my life and the things around me. But soon it started getting retarding. Then I started posting copied contents from other sites and the hits started getting reduced.

I had a dual mind in starting this blog. But I have made up my mind that this will be my last blog. And still what about the content?? Suddenly this idea struck my mind. Over the past year I have been a failure in blogging. And I have browsed over a million sites on how to maintain a good blog and improve the hits. So I decided that this blog will initially focus on how to do ‘Core Blogging’ and will help other novice bloggers to help maintain their blogs and improve the hit ratio on their site.

But whatever I heard my mind voice and I believe that I Love Blogging and it is a part of my life.